Ruth Levy is a fashion designer and stylist who has worked in the fashion industry for 32 years. She graduated from the prestigious Mode Design Schule (Fashion Design School) in Zurich, Switzerland. She currently oversees the European office in Zurich, where she designs clothing for private clients and works as a stylist, based on the guidelines of this book.

Ruth has known the frustration of weight gain and has worn everything from a size 6 to a size 16 dress size.  “The Fashion Code® has been a great gift not only to our clients, but to me!” says Ruth.   “Now I know with confidence that I can look beautiful at any weight”.  “Best of all, when I gain a few pounds no one can ever tell… it’s just between me and the scale.

”For the last decade Ruth has helped fellow fashionistas look great no matter their size, shape or budget. Working as a designer in Paris, she developed The Fashion Code®concept and is committed to sharing it with women worldwide.

Ruth feels that the Fashion Code allows her to not only do what she loves best, but to write from, but to write from firsthand knowledge and experience about dressing women in their most flattering styles and proportions.  Ruth’s dynamic team enjoys empowering women aged 18-80 with the keys to looking beautiful.  They know that nothing gives a person more confidence and self-esteem than looking great and are passionate about inspiring others with The Fashion Code message.