There were no big surprises this week on Idol as far as performances go. However, the fashion never fails to be a fun topic of conversation around the water cooler.  Here’s this week’s Idol style review…

Naima Adedapo appears to be channeling the Jamaican flag in this ensemble.  Which, of course, only makes sense since she hails from the tropical island of Milwaukee.  Too bad this wannabe rasta is headed home – her fashion choices have always kept us entertained.


The bad news for Paul McDonald is that he is one of the bottom three contestants this week.  The good news is that he’s got the perfect outfit for that Mariachi band he’s been wanting to start (We think it’ll be a bigger success than the Idol Boy Band he sang in with his fellow Idol friends this week).  Paul also doesn’t currently have a girlfriend, or she would have told him that wearing that same suit 3 times in the last 4 weeks is a definite fashion faux pas.  No Paul… the third time is not a charm.


Pia Toscano looks gorge in this form-fitting, rock-star-worthy dress.  The thing we love about Pia is that she’s got the “whole package”.  Not only does she sing like a star -but she looks like one too.  While a lot of the other contestants are throwing every trendy item in the closet on (with unfortunate Lady Gaga-like results), she’s chosen a simple, stylish, sexy dress that shows off her great figure without taking the focus off her vocal talent.  You go girl!


Oh my goth!  What does Lauren Alaina have on?  Our sweet country girl has crossed over to the dark side in this Adams Family inspired frock.  Not only does this outfit leave us screaming “lighten up!”, but the proportions of this dress make us shake our head in wonder.  Adding layers of ruffles across a curvy gal’s already full-figured hips only adds bulk to her frame in precisely the area she wants to minimize.  The skirt would also be much more flattering if it went to the top of her knee (the universally flattering skirt length for any woman- but especially women with larger thighs).  Finally, she needs to swap the studded gladiator sandals out for a pair of simple, sassy pumps like Pia’s (see above photo)- as Lauren’s trendy booties shorten her legs, making them look stumpy instead of sleek.


Thia Megia…looks like Grandma is missing her tablecloths…


We’re so glad Casey Abrams took our advice and manscaped a bit.  Now instead of mentally shaving him every time we watch him sing, we can just focus on wanting to run a comb through his hair …


Haley Reinhart gets snaps for this fresh, fun frock.  Like Pia, she’s amping up her style score without taking the focus off of her voice.


One of this week’s special guests was Fantasia Barrino, winner of American Idol Season 3.  She sang “Cornbread & Collard Greens” on her visit back to the Idol stage.  Hopefully that wasn’t  a song about her latest diet – as she seemed to be busting at the seams in this attention grabbing (not to mention bootie-grabbing) dress.  At first we thought this was a cross-dressing Fantasia look-alike with a wig re-fashioned from plastic bottles, but I guess the April Fool’s joke was on us.  As soon as she belted out the first note, we knew those great vocal “chops” could only belong to her.  Great job Fantasia…um… on the singing, we mean.

What did you think of this week’s Idol Fashions?

Until next week…

xoxo,  Ruth

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  1. DanaP
    DanaP says:

    Although Naima and Thia were always interesting fashion victims I was never a fan of their singing and ready for them to go. Pia could be the one, and I agree she’s got the whole enchilada when it comes to beauty style and singing.

  2. TPS
    TPS says:

    What in the hell was Fantasia wearing?! And the hair?!! You would think she’d have a professional helping her and steering her away from the heavy hooker look. Omg does she own a mirror? I don’t profess to be a style expert (as I’m a lawyer by day) but even I know that’s so NO! Funny blog. Thanks for sharing

  3. Indy
    Indy says:

    Interesting points about Lauren. I’ve got a similar body type and I was never sure on the whole skirt length question. But I do know I feel a lot more comfortable in a skirt that goes to my knee. I’m 23 but I always felt funny in the shorter ones even as a teenager. Hmmmm.. Good food for thought and thanks for the ruffles tip too.

  4. BellaL
    BellaL says:

    I don’t watch Idol much anymore but your blog is entertaining. You should cover other shows too. Looking forward to next weeks review. Maybe I’ll even start watching the show again 🙂

  5. RetailQueen
    RetailQueen says:

    Who is dressing poor little Lauren? She’s a fashion train wreck almost every week. I wonder if they dress themselves or if they have people who help them. Either way, she needs HELP!

  6. KimCat
    KimCat says:

    Fantasia’s dress is beyond awful. What was she thinking? I liked the floral print on Haley’s dress – looked very spring-like. It would be the ideal Easter dress. Wish you had a photo of Jaylo on Thursday night. Her hair looked like she got caught in a wind tunnel!

  7. JENNA K.
    JENNA K. says:

    What about Steven Tyler? I don’t know many girls who would wear those sparkly, ruffly tops he puts on. Don’t even get me started on the feather earrings! I think it worked for him in the 80’s, but he needs a makeover for the new century.


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