Our amazing Fashion Code e-book will tell you everything you need to know to unlock the key to the perfect outfit.

However, if youʼd like a more personalized service – make a private appointment with the twins!


When working one-on one with you as a client, our goal is to empower you with the main
tools you will need to create a beautiful wardrobe. On your first appointment, we will show
you the three components of a great wardrobe and explain exactly how you can use them
to become your own personal stylist. We never focus on trends, but instead on the kinds of
clothing that truly resonate with your personality, lifestyle, and what makes YOU look

Appointments cost $150 per hour (3 hour minimum).  In this appointment, we will work from your closet. Shopping is reserved for another appointment- should you need it. Though, we have found that over half of our clients only need to buy a few basics and do some alterations to existing clothing.


After your initial appointment, we can work with you to realize any goal that you have for
your wardrobe. Some people like us to create great outfits for them, or need some help
with shopping , while some enjoy doing the work themselves after they learn our simple
tools for creating the perfect outfit. In any case, our main goal is to empower you with the
knowledge you will need to make great clothing choices in the future so that you feel
happy and look great every time you walk out of your closet.

You will find that no matter what your budget, a consultation will easily pay for itself as you
stop buying all those beautiful “closet liners” youʼll never wear and start loving every piece
of clothing in your closet like it was made for you.

Follow up appointments are priced at $250 per hour.Need help finding that perfect outfit for a special occasion or just want to find some fashionable treasures for your closet? Contact Sara and Ruth Levy for a personal shopping trip utilizing The Fashion Code! Shopping trips are incorporated with our styling appointments and can be arranged in the city of your choice.

Email us at: appointments@www.thefashioncode.com

"It is only shallow people who do not judged by appearances. The true mystery of the world is in the visible, not the invisible!"

–Oscar Wilde