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Thank you so much for your response and for making this information available to all. What a gift!

Does The Fashion Code apply to sleeve lengths, too?  Where should short sleeves fall on my body?  You both looked great on the show in  3/4 length sleeves. Is there a line for that as well?

Judy R.

Hi Judy,

Short sleeve lengths should be worn to the same Code Line as your “Deep Neck Line”

You have 2 options for wearing 3/4 length sleeves:
3/4 length sleeves for Shirts should be worn to the “Shirt Line”
3/4 length sleeves for Jackets should be worn to the “Jacket Line”

Also, a lot of sleeves nowadays are way too wide. If you have your tailor/dry cleaner take your sleeves in, so they fit closer to the body, you’ll love how much thinner it can make you look.  Because getting rid of all that extra fabric through your middle eliminates extra “girth”  on your frame.   Making you look thinner in the process… and all without a diet!!

Once the Code is purchased does this also apply to evening gowns?  We are attending a convention in Sept- I am 5’6″ about 175 lbs.  10/12 in size- hourglass and full busted 36 DD. I am 42 and am worried of trying to look too young or too matronly.

Any suggestions are welcomed and was wondering if you ever get to the South Florida area for consultations.

Thanks so much,


Hi Jeannine.  Thanks for the great question.  If you’re going formal, a floor length dress is your best bet. The reason that floor length dresses work (but skirts below the knee don’t) is because a long skirt will draw your eye all the way down to the ground, creating a longer, leaner figure in the process.

Just be sure to follow these other Code guidelines when wearing an evening gown-

1) Wear a pointy, higher-heeled shoe to keep that eye traveling down to the tips of your toes. If you can’t wear heels or pointy shoes, just make sure your shoes are not completely flat (atleast a 2″ heel if possible)  and that they do NOT have rounded toes- as you might risk looking like you need to be pulled out of a hole!
2) Remember that extra fabric = extra girth so avoid wearing full skirts (& no ruffles or pleats!). Look for a straight  skirt or a slightly flared skirt and wear it as long as comfortably possible.  It should be fitted but NOT tight.
3) Don’t forget the other Code Secrets…. wear a deep v-neck (to your Deep Neck Code Line) to give you a sexy hour-glass figure (avoid a scoop neck as it makes curvier women look more “round”)

We’re based out of San Diego and Zurich. We do fly in for individual consultations if you’re ever interested; we charge a daily fee plus travel expenses.


Hi, I just bought your code and love the ideas.

Because of health reasons, I have to stay with flat shoes, so are there any additional tips that might help me…..I am short 5’2″and 135 lbs.


Mary B.

Hi Mary!  Great question.   Make sure that you avoid high vamp and rounded toe shoes (the vamp is the area higher up the foot -where designers love to put extra straps and embellishments!).  You want to keep the vamp as low down on the foot as possible.

Also, the pointer the shoe, the more flattering it will be as it draws your eye all the way down to your tippy toes -which elongates and slenderizes the body.  If you can wear even an inch or inch and a half heel (with your doctor’s permission of course!) that little bit of heel height can tip you up and give you a longer, leaner line as well.  Finally, avoid bulky, clunky looking shoes and opt for a more streamline style.

Enjoy The Fashion Code!

xo Ruth


Hi Ruth,

I wanted to let you know that I did purchase my fashion codes two days ago and that the codes and the additional information have been worth their money in motivation alone.

I have gone through my closet and purged clothes that either did not fit or were never flattering in the first place.  I’ve also found two dresses and a skirt that I’ve always liked but don’t have flattering hem lines.  I’m going to take them to a seamstress as soon as possible.

I am, also, much more clear on the correct clothes shopping choices for me, especially for dresses and skirts.

I’ve signed up for your newsletter and look forward to receiving it and the tips it will provide.

I still have a question which I hope you don’t mind answering.
Is there a flattering footware option for those of us who cannot wear pointed toe shoes with heels above 2″ for more than 45 minutes?  I like to look stylish, but comfort is often a need rather than an option.

Thanks so much for all of your helpful information.  I truly appreciate it.

Warmly,  Renee B

Hi Renee,

We’re so glad you’re getting empowered with The Code!! Isn’t it liberating to finally be able to go thru your closet and sort with certainty! – and it’s all so easy when you know how to do it!

In answer to your questions:

Even a 2″ heel is better than a flat! A small heel will tilt you up whereas a flat gives the very strange optical illusion that the heels of your feet  are actually sinking into the ground. This is especially true with flip-flops!!

The toes of your shoes don’t have to be super pointy either, BUT THEY SHOULD DEFINITELY NOT BE ROUNDED. Try different shoe style to find a happy medium for you. What is probably one of the most important things to remember with shoes- more than their height-is to keep the vamp of the shoe low!!!
(the vamp of the shoe is the area right above the toes on the top of the foot). Shoe designers love to fill up this space with all kinds of straps etc. but it just shortens the legs!


Dear Ruth,

I just watched you an Rachael Ray and was amazed! But I do have a question.  What do you do if you want to hide a “ponch” ( a little extra weight in the lower abs). I try to cover it up with longer shirts, but with the “code” you raise the shirts.  How can the code work for me?


Hi Vanessa.  Thanks for the great question -especially from the owner of a fellow pooch!   First of all, wear your clothes fitted but never tight as tight clothing  will only accentuate your “pooch”.

One of our favorite solutions for keeping everything all smooth underneath is a bodysuit.  Our favorite is Flexees One Fabulous Body.  We get ours at Macy’s but have seen them on-line too.  They not only help flatten everything out, but when you bend over and your shirt moves up a bit “you’re covered”!

Finally, don’t forget to add an extra inch or two of length to your shirts to allow for them to “ride up” as you’re moving around.

xo Ruth



I watched you on the Rachel Ray show thought it was very interesting. But I didn’t see any one with my body shape on tv or on your web site.

I carry my weight in the front I look pregnent or as round as I am tall. How can the code help me? I dont have large hips or legs just a large midrif and stomach. I really need a tummy tuck but that’s not going to happen so i wear big baggy long shirts to hide it. I have bought shirts that fit tighter, But I think I look like a barrell so I go back to my comfy T shirts. Jeans have to be stretch dennim.  because regular jeans if they fit in the waist the legs look 2 sizes to big in the legs. I would like to think the code would help me. Is there any of your clients with the same problem?

Thanks, Rose B.

Hi Rose,

So glad you found the show interesting -it was a lot of fun for us, and we love getting the message out there that we can all look thinner, younger, and beautiful in our clothes – if you know a few simple secrets.

In answer to your great question about this being something that will work with your body type:

We’ve found that the Fashion Code works on everyone, and thats because the main emphasis is on vertical measurements and has much less to do with our “horizontal” measurements( which is where the focus has always been in fashion  up til now).

It’s all about where your clothing falls on YOUR body (i.e. where your top, skirt,  jacket etc., fall to.) The only “width” measurements we refer to are in the first secret (in The Code Line Secrets -10 free Secrets you get when you buy your Code Lines). The first Secret says that “extra fabric equals extra girth”. When we wear our clothes too big it  messes with all of our proportions.

A tip for women who hold their weight in the tummy is to still wear their shirts to the hipbone, however, BE SURE to add 1-2 inches in length for movement. ALSO, I wear bodysuits under everything. This is an unbelievable help in getting everything under control – even when we’ve been out of control!

Also, make sure you wear V necks to draw the eye down and in on your torso. You sound like a great candidate for a slightly fitted jacket. A jacket has shoulder pads and will balance out your tummy- just make sure it is nipped in at the waist and not boxy .

As far as your jeans: we would suggest getting them so they fit in the tummy and having the legs taken in on the sides. Look for a boot cut as this will be perfect again in balancing out the tummy area.

Hope that helps you out!

All the Best,



Hi Ruth.

Loved the show!  Where have you been all my life??   Just have one question, though.   Do I need to measure two times; once for my high heels and once for my flats?

Barb B.


You only need to measure ONE TIME, while wearing your AVERAGE shoe height.  For example:  If your shoe height ranges from 1″ heels to 3″ heels- you would take your measurements in a 2″ heel;    if your shoe height ranges from a  2″ heel to a 4″ heel you would wear a 3″ heel… and so on.


My sister sent me the link to your site – I am very impressed.  She is in the business of Management Coaching for very senior level executives.  She covers everything from presentation style to the Board of Directors, to telling a CEO not to wear his Timex watch when meeting with investors.   She has an incredible style sense and from advice I have seen her give to people (clients, friends, family) she is very much in synch with your messages.  Through the years of her coaching of me, I have learned many of these as well.

My reason for writing is that for the work I do I occasionally need to give this type of advice as well.  I NEED A MEN’S VERSION!  Having been the male version of what you describe changing sizes regularly – I have always been very specific about all my clothing requirements… follow(ing) the rules of tailoring to maximize the visual impact I get as a senior level executive.

So … if you are working on a male version – fantastic  It would be fun to…(see) a project that helps to make the world a better-looking place!

Thanks, Jake VZ

Hi Jake!  Thanks for the great letter.  We’re so glad to see the Fashion Code is helping people everywhere.  So funny you should ask about The Fashion Code for Men as we’re are in the process of creating that as we speak.  We so appreciate your words of support and your offer to help us make the world a better looking place!   Sounds like we’re all on the same page.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or thoughts. If you sign up for the newsletter on our site we’ll be updating everyone on the Men’s version very soon.  Just wish there were more hours in the day!!




I saw you ladies on Rachel Ray and was very impressed. Do you have a fashion code for men? Please let me know.

Thank you, Brian
Fashion code believer

Hi Brian.  Thanks for the e-mail.  We are currently working on The Fashion Code for Men.  If you join our newsletter on our site we’ll be keeping everyone updated on when it will be released.  Love your salutation “The Fashion Code Believer”!  We’re writing that one down!!   Have a great weekend.



How do you apply the code to men so that we can obtain quality looks without breaking the bank. Men are just as concerned about their looks as women but no-one helps us to make the correct affordable choices. I have a specialty sports shop and men are just as concerned but not as vocal about it. I’m a 72 year old man and I don’t want to look old or unkempt, help me use the code to better my image and help our friends to create the image of an active man rather than an old man.

Thank You,

Arthur J. C

Hi Arthur.  Thanks so much for the question. Actually, many of our Code Secrets apply to men as well.   In the future we are planning on doing a men’s Fashion Code Line Version, but until then a few things to keep in mind for you and your clients…

-Never wear oversized clothing!  It just creates a tent-like effect on the body and makes you look sizes larger than you actually are.  Form fitting, never tight, is your best bet.  You’ve probably noticed the European designers are really good at this – that’s why their clothes look so great!

-Never wear shirts that draw a line across the “crotch-line”.  It simply draws a line across the widest part of your body, making you look sizes larger in the process.  The Fashion Code Line for shirts is at the hipbone for both men and women.

Hope that helps a bit!



Would you please advise if I should be using a cloth tape or a tape measure to measure. I’m having difficulties with the shoulder measurements. – Jenifer

Hi Jenifer.

Thanks for the note.  It’s best to use a stiff metal tape measure and measure at the widest part of the shoulder across the front of the body  don’t bend the tape around the curve of the shoulder -just keep it straight across the front of the body).  The shoulder measurement is the least important measurement in the calculation so if it’s slightly off please don’t worry if this measurement is not exact.  The other 2 measurements are more critical.



I just purchased your code and have a question.  Which part of my hip is considered my hip bone?  If I put a shirt on that is at what I consider my hip bone my belly would show.  What I consider my hip bone is even with my belly button. Thanks for your help.  I am looking forward to using your code as I shop for new clothes as I have recently lost a decent amount of weight.

Cassandra B.

Hi Cassandra

When we say “hipbone”  we mean the ball of the hipbone, which is usually found about 2-3  inches below the bellybutton.

It sounds like you are currently using the “top” of you’re hipbone (which is about even with the bellybutton).  Also, don’t forget to add an inch or so of fabric when shortening your shirts – to allow for shrinkage and to allow for the top to “ride up” when you’re moving around.

Do your Code Lines change when you gain or lose weight?

That’s the beauty of The Fashion Code.  It works on any size or shape and your Code Lines don’t change -even if you gain weight.

Up til now fashion has only addressed 50% of the problem (what the width of your clothes should be)- that’s why weight gain/loss has been such a hot topic.

The Fashion Code does something completely new as it deals with the LENGTH of all your clothing.  As you can see in all of our before and after photos, this is THE KEY to transforming your shape without obsessing about diets.

As far as the WIDTH of your clothes – just make sure all of your clothing is fitted (NOT tight).  Then if you concentrate on the proper length of all your shirts ,jackets ,skirts, etc. (ie your Fashion Code Lines) you’ll see a whole new bod staring back at you in the mirror!


Hi Ruth,

I am very interested in ordering the Fashion Code as referenced on the Rachael Ray show, April 14th 2009.

My one concern however is “does the returned information contain adjustments in the event of weight loss?”

Currently I am carrying approximately 70 extra pounds but I am engaged in dropping the weight and am currently losing the recommended 2-lbs./wk. This as you know will affect my measurements and I would be remiss not to account for this in order to look my best, both now and in the near future.

Please advise as to whether the book allows for the fluctuations or if two books should be ordered. Thank you.

Donna M

Hi Donna.  Rest assured your Code Lines will be the same whether you lose weight or not, this is because your Code LInes are mainly based on your vertical measurements, which will not change (unless you shrink!).
Enjoy The Code!

All Our Best,

xo Ruth


We’re not ruling out a book in the future, but since we’re all about saving you money and getting our revolutionary formula out to as many women as possible we’ve decided to make it available on line.  Fashion has been too unattainable and expensive for too long! The Fashion Code website allows women to download their information instantly and for less than half the price of a book.

We also love the fact that we can send free newsletters to our customers every month via the internet.  Gotta love technology!!



I saw your segment on Rachel Ray and bought the tool that day, Before I saw the show, I had always wanted to learn about fashion …but I thought it was just something innate – that people either have an instinct for…or they don’t and I thought I didn’t. Needless to say, I am very excited to learn this formula!

I’m wondering if the other measurements you mentioned – the “finding your knee & wrist” can also be applied to give even more specific suggestions? I didn’t really understand what you meant when you talked about dividing the measurement by 1.6 (I think?) – what do you do with that?

I’m very fascinated by this whole concept. Are there any books or classes you would recommend to learn more about this?

I’ve already shared this info with some family and friends who weren’t able to see you on the RR show. Anyway, thanks for sharing this info and offering that tool. I’ve already gotten one thing hemmed and feel more confident about my looks which is HUGE for me. Great work – thank you!

Amy R.

Hi Amy.

We are glad you enjoyed the show!

One of our favorite books on the Divine Proportion is by Bulent Atalay.  It’s called Math and The Mona Lisa and it talks a lot about  Da Vinci’s use of this amazing equation as well as how it’s found in much of the world around us.  As well, Dr. Oz (a frequent guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show) covers the Divine Proportion and beauty in his book You Being Beautiful  part 1 entitled “Looking Beautiful”.

On-line  you can go to one of our favorite sites that was created by the famous UCLA plastic surgeon Stephen Marquardt.  You can find it at beautyanalysis.com. There’s also  facialbeauty.org and many other sites you can find when you “google” the Divine Proportion.

As far as needing to measure 1.618 (the Divine Proportion) on yourself for fashion related questions-  The great thing about The Fashion Code is that the math is already done for you.  Just download your own personal Fashion Code Lines along with the Fashion Code Secrets (offered free with every purchase) and you’ll have everything you need to change your wardrobe and your shape.

Hope that helps answer some of your questions.

All Our Best,

xo Ruth


I saw you both on the Rachel Ray show and was amazed.  I am really interested in trying this but I have one addition issue that needs to be addressed.  I am in a wheelchair a good portion of the time.  Do you have any ideas as to how this might apply to those of us in wheelchairs?  I think it would be a great side line for you to include this aspect.

Many thanks,  I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Tukey,

Thanks for the great question!  Our mother also uses a wheelchair so this is an especially important topic for us.  We’ve even got her scheduled for one of our upcoming “before and after” photos.

When using a wheel chair, the upper Fashion Code Lines are obviously very important.  For example, wearing a deep neck shirt at your Deep Neck Code Line is an excellent way to elongate and slenderize your upper body. V-necks will look great on you as they do just that – they “V”  you in -which is especially flattering when you are seated. Be careful with round necks shirts  as they tend to make most women look more round, which is not  desirable unless you’re too thin and want to add some curves to your body (that’s never been a problem of ours!)

-Using the Jacket Code Line will also be very helpful for you. Since jackets encompass your entire upper body, wearing them correctly can make or break your whole outfit.

– Shirts should be worn to your designated Shirt Code Line.  If you wear shirts any longer than this they will bunch around your stomach, which will add girth to your tummy area (just were we all want extra weight!)

– Also, in the 10 extra Code Line Secrets we send out for free with every purchase of The Fashion Code – Secret #7 would also be especially important for you: “Wear your pants as long as comfortably (and safely!) possible.”  When seated, you actually have a huge advantage as your pant leg falls very smoothly from the bend of your knee. This gives you the opportunity to make your legs look extra elegant and long.

-Even if you can’t do the measuring for all 10 of your Code Lines,  by using just The Fashion Code Secrets (that are free with your purchase) – you will see a huge difference in all your outfits!

Hope this helps to answer a few of your questions.

All Our Best,

xo Ruth



I saw your segment on Rachel Ray show yeaterday (Wed April 15th). I was wondering how you would combine warmth and fashion. I’m a cold natured person and bundle up for warmth. This bundling (as I saw from the before/after photos) makes me look heavier than I actually am. How do you work with cold natured/cold weather fashions? Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi Sara.

Love your question!  Of course, you need to protect yourself from the cold and wandering around shivering isn’t very attractive.  So, the main thing to remember is the extra fabric = extra girth rule.  For instance, steer clear of puffy jackets and bulky sweaters as they’ll add instant pounds to your frame.

What’s really great now is that they are making warm fabrics that don’t make you look like the Michelin Man (woman?).  Opt for these thinner fabrics and you can have dessert tonight at dinner!

All Our Best,

xo Ruth


Hi, I do have another question.  Would this code also work for the length of your hair.? For a very full face???

That is a great question!  The Code actually does work on hair, but we haven’t had time to work on that project yet.  Too bad there aren’t more hours in the day!  If you join our newsletter on our website we’ll be letting everyone know more details on hair and The Code, as we’ve received a lot of requests about this.  Thanks for dropping us a line…

Best Wishes,


Are these measurements generic?  In other words are The Fashion Code Lines the same on everyone or will mine be different?


These measurements are not generic. They are your own personal Fashion Code Lines based on the measurements you gave us when you ordered.

The Fashion Code Lines simply show where the Divine Proportion (or the most beautiful proportion of anything!) comes to on your unique body.  By applying these Code Lines to your clothing you will see amazing and (beautiful!) results.


On page 4 of your 21 page download, it explains how to use your own personal Fashion Code Lines:

-Measure in inches from your CHIN down for each of the measurements given on page 2 (  titled “Your Fashion Code Lines”)
-For example, if your Short Necklace Line is 31/2 inches, simply measure from the chin down 31/2 inches. This spot on your body shows the ideal placement for any of your short necklaces.

-Continue in exactly the same manner with each of your 10 Code Line measurements -all the way down to your Capri,Coat Option #3.
* Remember:  When measuring BE SURE to keep your chin level to the ground in order to get an accurate measurement.

-After you have found your own personal Fashion Code Lines on your body, its time to head to your closet (or the Mall) and create a thinner, younger, more stylish you. Just be sure your clothing falls to your Code Lines- and let the fun begin!