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Commonly asked questions

Have a specific FASHION CODE question? See below questions and answers! SLEEVE LENGTHS Thank you so much for your response and for making this information available to all. What a gift! Does The Fashion Code apply to sleeve lengths, too?  Where should short sleeves fall on my body?  You both looked great on the show in  […]

Amazing Examples of the Divine Proportion

Also known as Phi, the Golden Ratio, The Golden Section and the Fibonacci Sequence The following are some fascinating examples of the Divine Proportion in the world around us (also utilized by The Fashion Code): The entire human body is based on the Divine Proportion- right down to the size and spacing of our teeth! Even […]

The Fashion Code Secrets

  INCLUDED FREE WITH YOUR CODE LINES! Incredible Fashion Secrets only TOP Designers Know!  Here’s just one example of the great information you’ll discover in The Fashion Code Secrets:   The Skinny on TRENCH COATS…    TRENCH COATS ARE A TRICKY STYLE TO WEAR & CAN COMPLETELY SKEW YOUR PROPORTIONS IF YOU’RE NOT CAREFUL! Unless […]

Rachael Ray says: “Even I’m Becoming a Believer!”

THE RACHAEL RAY SHOW Ruth and her sister were invited to be on the Emmy Award winning Rachael Ray Show. In stunning before-and-after makeovers of the exact same outfit, the stylists demonstrated The Fashion Code on themselves and three women during an in-studio appearance on “The Rachael Ray Show,” which aired nationwide in syndication. Making […]

Rancho Santa Fe Review

RSF sisters unveil ‘The Fashion Code’ on ‘The Rachael Ray Show’ Leonardo da Vinci’s love of science and symmetry from the 16th century is alive and well and being applied to women’s fashion in the 21st century by international fashion stylists Ruth and Sara Levy – identical twin sisters from Rancho Santa Fe. Click Here […]

Vita Magazine

La mode: un code à déchiffrer (French) Vous rêvez d’une métamorphose et il n’y a aucune chance que Jean Airoldi sonne à votre porte? Ne pleurez plus. Vita vous dévoile le code qui va transformer votre look. Click Here to Read Article

Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine Beauty is easy enough to spot, but tricky to define – despite countless attempts to do so. Sometime around 300 B.C., the Greek mathematician Euclid identified the “Golden Proportion,” (or Divine Proportion) an ideal face two-thirds as wide as it is tall…. Click Here to Read Article

Ranch and Coast Magazine

Double Take The Twins share their revolutionary fashion formula with Ranch and Coast’s Editor-at-Large, Andrea Naverson and reveal the top 2 fashion mistakes that women make.  They also discuss the inspiration behind their fascinating Fashion Code, as well as the details of their successful fashion styling business. Click Here to Read Article