Its happened to all of us. We see something in a magazine or on a mannequin and think “I have GOT to have that!”

So we run out to the store to pick up our coveted purchase – all the while never stopping to consider that the dress that looked so killer on the 6 foot size zero amazon model might look even slightly different on us.

Of course if you are a movie star, you have professional stylists to help you from making this kind of mistake…….. right?

So WHAT were Drew’s fashion entourage thinking when they plucked this Jil Sander tangerine gown fresh from the runway for the “Face of  Covergirl’s” 50th anniversary party? With her being the actual “face” of Covergirl on this important occassion, did they simply want a dress which would match their citrus inspired Covergirl backdrop? It definitely wasn’t proportionate to her great figure.

We aren’t bagging on Drew , who can get away with a lot of styles the average woman would struggle with. But since we know and love her for her for her gorgeous knock-em-down-drag-em-to-the-top-of-the- best-dressed list special event gowns like the one below, which shows off both her great shape and movie-star style,

we couldn’t help but be disappointed to see her fall victim to runway fantasies.

Of course, when you know that there are a few very important secrets which you can employ to avoid making the same mistake Drew made, you can avoid any style calamaties of your own….

Lets look at that photo of Drew and her catwalk nemesis again and discover the 4 reasons WHY this dress works perfectly on one woman and not as well on the other…


In our last blog, we talked about the importance of wearing a strapless dress high enough on your torso. This is a perfect example of how a strapless gown can start to look frumpy as it rides down the torso.  Luckily, Drew’s hair is doing some cover-up in the photo, but with just a flick of her “do” back over her shoulders, her dress will not only look even more disproportionate to her body, but will showcase the unattractive bit of skin just below the armpit. Notice, in comparison how the top of the models gown sits as high as comfortably possible across her chest, perfectly balancing her upper body.


Take a look at where the cinching in both of these dresses occurs. On the model it is above the knees. On Drew it is below the knees. Whoever, fitted this dress to Drew simply lopped off the bottom 6 inches of it. This is a real fashion no-no and is one of the main reasons it is hard to transfer a runway style to the average woman with much success. The model has a good half foot of extra height on Drew- most of it in her legs!  Just as with skirts, unless you are very tall and thin avoid any skirt lengths OR detailing  below the bottom of your knee (see Fashion Code Lines 8 and 9 for more details).


The best length for a gown is one that grazes the floor and doesn’t bunch. See how the bottom of the model”s skirt forms a beautiful elongating column around her calves- as opposed to the bunchy, puckered bell shape at the bottom of Drew’s? Gowns worn at the correct length will  always make you look as though you are  gliding into a room.


If you have no extra girth and could actually use some like the model above, baggy styles will flatter your figure. However, if you are near your ideal weight or heavier, non-fitted styles become much more difficult to wear. Why? Because it’s difficult to tell if thats air in there or you- and unfortunately people will assume its you! For this reason, more fitted styles like the light green dress Drew is wearing above will always be more flattering than any pleated Hefty bag inspired designer creations.

Remember, runway models get paid the big bucks because they are unusually tall and thin- and can wear just about any dress proportions well. By keeping this in mind and following the Fashion Code Secrets,  you will be sure to look  beautiful in every outfit you put on – from your work clothes to your next big night out.



4 replies
  1. JENNA K.
    JENNA K. says:

    Drew looks like a sack of potatoes (or oranges!) in that dress. It probably cost a bundle too- although I think my 6 year old could have done a better sewing job.
    The blue dress is so much more glam!


  2. Kim
    Kim says:

    Yeah. I don’t get that elastic thing at her knees. The model looks a lot better in it but it’s still an ugly dress. Seems like they could have found something a lot cuter.


  3. Shaunna
    Shaunna says:

    I love when they show a dress on a runway model and then they show the same dress on a socialite or movie star and it doesn’t look half as good. Like Michelle Obamas inaugural dress- she’s a beautiful first lady but that dress looked a lot better coming down the runway than on her so I can see what you’re saying here.

  4. T.J.
    T.J. says:

    I wish they used more realistic models in fashion. I read somewhere that even the “full-size” models are only a size 8!


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