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Did you know the average American woman is a size 14 and 5’4” tall?

Yes, you heard that right, size 14.
So it’s no surprise the clothes we see on models never quite look the same on us regular sized gals. On the left, we see a fashion model (size 2) in a $230 designer shirt.
On the right, we see the exact same shirt on a plus size model, who is the approximate size of the “average” American woman, size 14.

Extra fabric equals extra girth

The wafer-thin model appears effortlessly chic in this blouse and ready for an elegant pool party, while our average sized gal looks like she’s wrapped in a down comforter and ready for a marathon night of Netflix binge-watching. The model on the left is so skinny, that the extra swaths of fabric in this shirt help give her a few well-needed curves, but on Miss Average American Gal all that extra material makes her look twice her size -not to mention decidedly less stylish than her slender neighbor.

Why does the woman on the right look larger and less stylish in the exact same shirt? It’s because very few of us have the same proportions as the Average fashion model, who is 5’10” and a size 2. Therefore, most of us aren’t going to look the same in clothing as the uber thin and super tall. So we need to ask ourselves… why do we base our clothing purchases on someone who looks nothing like us???

And it’s not just about being thin. If you’re vertically challenged the fashion curve (pun intended) gets exponentially more difficult. For instance, a size 6 may have won the skinny lottery but if she’s not as tall as an NBA player, good luck wearing so many of today’s trendy designs, like the one above. Now before you throw your favorite Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale purchase back in the bag and go into hiding with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, read on…

…the solution is actually quite easy once you know The Fashion Code Secrets on how to dress for your proportions. The first Secret- and this works on EVERYONE is… oversized clothing makes you look just that, oversized.

Even fashion models look better in more tailored, form-fitting clothing, as you can see below. More importantly, the “Average American Woman” (below right) looks sizes smaller and vastly more stylish in fitted (but NOT tight) clothing.

Oversized clothing is the average gal’s style kryptonite. (And by average we mean anyone who isn’t a supermodel.) It’s almost impossible to look good in voluminous garb -unless you’re rail thin.

Dress Slimmer

The easiest way to look slimmer is to dress slimmer. Put your clothes on a diet, not you. As stylists we have seen this time and time again – by trimming off the extra fabric that so many of us like to hide under – you can instantly appear sizes smaller. This is true for ALL women, sizes 8-18 and beyond. Get ready for compliments. You’re welcome.

Btw, the average plus size model is 5’8” tall and size 8-14. Yes. We said Plus Size. Sigh.
Alright, maybe it is time to break out the Ben & Jerry’s.

But seriously, isn’t it time we give ourselves a break and stop trying to squeeze ourselves into clothing that isn’t made for us? It’s not about diets and or being able to wear single digit sizes, it’s simply about knowing The Secrets to what makes us look great – whatever our shape or size.



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3 replies
  1. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    Thank you, it’s nice to find a blog that is honest and just wants to help people look and feel their best by cutting through all the tricks the fashion industry use to get us to buy. I will remember this next time I am attracted to the way something looks on the model.

  2. Ann McFarland
    Ann McFarland says:

    I feel hopeful that this blog will really help. I suddenly find that I’m “older” and plus size and petite. I find that my old styles no longer work. I don’t want to be seen as a fat old lady. Glad I found this.


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