We always like to think of  The Globes as the “warm up band” for the Oscars.  Good thing this was just a warm up because we weren’t wowed by a lot of the dresses this year.  Many of the looks were so simple they bordered on pedestrian.  Did someone tick off Harry Winston? Where have all the glamorous jewels gone?…those bank-balance depleting baubbles are free for the asking at these ceremonies, and most importantly are the crowning jewel to a beautiful gown. We’ve noticed this glitz-less trend in the last few years –  many of these dresses could have sky rocketed to the best dressed list had the stars who wore them bothered to take advantage of their free shopping spree through Tiffany’s…

That said, here are our top picks and pans for the red carpet and why they worked – or didn’t…

Who Was Hot:

Milla Jovovich did Tinseltown proud with her beautifully fitted dress. And is that a bracelet we see on her wrist? (guess she didn’t get the memo).  Although statement earrings, would have  been the frosting on the fashion cake, we applaud the subtle but elegant “bling” sewn into her fabulous frock which set her apart from her red carpet neighbors. She got the flare of her dress perfect, which should always start at the top of the knee.  The length is correct as well – it’s not dragging in the front and is training beautifully to the back, creating a long lean silhouette.


Amy Adams sizzled in her deep blue Marchesa gown.  Although, again, this dress really would have wowed with some lovely earrings and a bracelet – she still looked like a true Hollywood star.  Unlike many ruffle-covered gowns, Amy’s ruffles were in perfect proportion to her bodice, her train and her figure.


Here’s someone who got the correct balance of bling to gown ratio, BUT made a small and almost fatal fashion mistake with her bodice. As discussed in our last two blogs, something seemingly as unimportant as not wearing your bodice high enough on your torso can start to take away from your stylish look….Had she shortened those spagetti straps 2 inches it would have put her “girls” in the penthouse suite instead of down in the basement. A higher bodice would have also elongated her torso and showed off her sexy waist.  Since the net overlay can fall into grandma territory – the additional issue of  boobs swinging low gave her a more matronly look than a Madonna look.  We wish we could have been there there for her (on both sides) to better support this otherwise amazing gown.

What Was Not (Hot)…

Really?  Seriously?!…Talk about getting dressed in a dark closet.  Oh well, at least it’s the same shoe style -even if they happened to be a mismatched pair from her Elvira Christmas Collection.  She obviously kept her hairdresser from Harry Potter – although even her wild “do” was not enough to break the spell of this disenchanting dress.


Julianne Moore in a wrinkled Lanvin..  Pink is truly not the best color for this beautiful red-head.  However, her mutton arm looks like it might come in handy  as a floatation device if her plane goes down on the way back to England.


And the drum roll please…. the best “just got out of bed look” goes to Annette Bening.

What induced his otherwise classy woman & great actress to use tar as a hair mousse on one of the most important nights of her life?   Thank goodness this is, afterall, just a warm-up…

That’s a wrap for this year’s Golden Globes.  Be sure to look for our Oscar review in next month’s blog.



9 replies
  1. Shaunna
    Shaunna says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Don’t know who Milla Jovovich is but she looked totally glam. Amy Adams was beautiful. But Julianne Moore’s stylist must have been color blind and where was his/her steamer?
    Helena Bonham Carter – oy! – what a train wreck!
    I agree about the lack of jewelry – a little more bling would have made many of the dresses more special.

  2. Ronie B.
    Ronie B. says:

    What gives on the jewelry thing? I was saying the same thing when I watched the show. After all, half the fun is getting to see the amazing jewels that cost as much as my house. I can see not wanting to wear a big necklace and big earrings as thats too much, but you should wear one or the other or it’s dullsville.

  3. TizB
    TizB says:

    There seemed to be a lack of good fashion stylists AND good hair stylists this year. Not only were Annette and Helena’s hairdos horriffic, but many stars simply wore their hair in a ponytail – like they were going to the gym! Scarlet Johanssons hair looked like she got pulled backwards thru a hedge. Cmon people, Supercuts could have done a better job

  4. Delila
    Delila says:

    Dear Ruth,
    You hit it head on once again. If more people listened to what you guys have to say about fashion it would certainly be a more beautiful world that we live in.

  5. Dakoda
    Dakoda says:

    Amy Adams did look awesome and did have a nice amount of ruffles on her dress – unlike that girl from Glee in the big pink ruffled all over gown.

  6. T.J.
    T.J. says:

    Totally agreed on the jewelry thing. Maybe they’re trying to tone it down with the economy and all? I still would have taken that shopping spree thru Tiffany’s if I was them – But, alas, I was sitting on my couch in my fuzzy p.j.’s and slippers – no glamorous night for me!

  7. BUNNY
    BUNNY says:

    Dear Ruth,
    You guys are the greatest. Not only are your comments about the fashion world amazingly true but the men around me are now beginning to notice me like never before.
    You have changed my life and getting dressed now is more fun than ever. Bunny

  8. Karen
    Karen says:

    Honestly, I thought that this parade of dresses were some of the worst dresses I have seen in forever! What was up with Annette??? Surely she didn’t think this was an attractive look…and those glasses what is that about? Totally agree on the Lanvin dress. Said so myself..That sleeve is laughable and I don’t imagine she disagreed when she saw herself the next day..
    Oh, well, I guess they had fun trying to be different???


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