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The Right Clothes Make You Look Thinner Instantly

As we always tell our clients, a v-neck is a curvy gal’s best friend. The high neckline, in the dress on the left, fills in Oprah’s upper body -making her look round and top heavy. However, the v-neck on the right instantly breaks up the bubble shape and replaces it with a sexy silhouette.

Another slimming feature is the placement of the belt. Never wear a belt at your true waist (left photo). It visually slices your body in half, creating a clunky look. Instead, empire belts on dresses are always most flattering. As you can see on the dress to the right; an empire waist nips you in at the smallest part of your torso (just below the breastbone) and instantly eliminates girth through the middle.

Lastly, remember our mantra… Extra Fabric = Extra Girth! Notice all that extra pleating around the waistline?  This is a no-no for anyone trying to look slimmer.  Extra fabric looks like extra you; causing you to inadvertently look sizes larger when you wear bulky clothing.

One of our very perceptive readers, Maren, put it perfectly, “it’s so annoying because extra fabric seems so safe and hidden – but it really isn’t doing you any favors.” So true!! We think we’re hiding our figure with extra fabric but we’re really only adding to it.  Fitted clothing (not tight!) is always the most flattering option.

Notice that the pleating on the dress to the right doesn’t add bulk because it’s super light and sheer fabric -which is fitted to her body.

We feel for Oprah and know what it is to struggle with looking good sporting a fuller figure. But many times our clothing is the real problem – not the scale! With the Secrets of The Fashion Code any woman – at ANY size – can learn how to dress herself slim – and sexy!

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  1. Pat
    Pat says:

    You girls rock! I just found your website and can’t wait to read the archives. You’ve hit on my favorite subject, proportion. Like you, I believe personality comes first ( why we wear what we wear) and proportion is key to looking great…thank you for your life’s work and passion, which you share so generously.

    I live near you girls in Southern California. Do you have a local studio where I could come in and be measured for your clothing guide? I can’t tell you how tired I am of chasing the illusive closet organization filled with clothes that make me look the best I can and things I love.

    A fan,


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