After the holidays every year, we notice a similar trend for most of our customers. Its not a shopping craze or a style of clothing- its a cleaning and organizing fever that takes over in the clothes closets of many women.

In that frenzy to get everything cleaned up, organized, and in ship-shape for Spring, there is almost always the question of how to create more space for all of those fabulous fashion finds -without having to build a new addition on the house.

Well, we’ve found that a small piece of paper that you probably already have in your kitchen can almost double your hanging space! It sounds too good to be true but its not, and we would be remiss in not letting you in on this great retailer’s secret.

It’s none other than wax paper! Yes, the stuff that made your Christmas cookies not stick to the baking sheet can save you organizing time and money while making that trip to The Container Store  almost completely unnecessary.

Simply grab a piece of any good wax paper and rub it along the top of your wardrobe bar (making sure you get the very top of  the bar where the hanger hook rests) It works best on metal bars and when the “hook” of the hanger is metal (and not plastic). But it can also be a huge help on wooden bars as well. Rub each section of the bar vigorously for about 10 seconds -and then watch your clothes hangers literally glide across it! Most importantly, notice how much more clothing fits in the same space.

Heres a final tip for those ladies whose husbands complain that they buy too many clothes: DONT wax the bars on their side of the closet -and the next time they are putting their whole upper body into wedging an item of clothing out of their wardrobe, with the flick of a finger send your clothes careening down the bar to expose the gaping hole on your side of the closet -which simply MUST be filled!

Happy Spring cleaning… xo, Ruth

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