6 Fall Trends That Pack on The Pounds…

Maybe you saw The Fashion Code on NBC this month helping our client shed 20 virtual pounds – in a matter of minutes and without leaving her closet… (If not, check out this video below)…

The Fashion Code on NBC
Check out The Fashion Code on NBC!

Of course, everyone wants to know what the secret is behind looking like they subsist on celery sticks and they go to the gym 3 hours a day  – even if  in reality the most exercise they get is going through the McDonalds drive-thru. Surprisingly, A HUGE  part of looking thin has as much to do with what you put ON your body as what you put in it. Unfortunately, there is a whole lot of misinformation as to which clothing makes us look our best and which clothing makes us look “fat”. Through no fault of our own, a lot of us are still living in the dark ages when it comes to something as simple as knowing which clothes make us look sleek and stylish and which clothes make us look corn-fed.  Its enough to make a grown woman lose all reason and consult the fashion magazines for help  – which is where things can really go amiss…

Don’t get us wrong, magazines can be fun to look at.  Yeah…sure, its all fun and games until someone innocently starts following the trends and comes out of their closet looking like a super-sized version of themselves. But seriously,  WHY DO SOME CLOTHES MAKE US LOOK SIZES BIGGER AND ANYTHING BUT STYLISH – even though the models wearing these styles look like new and improved versions of Kate Moss?

This may come as a surprise to many women, but unless you are 6 feet tall and a poster child for anorexia you should avoid most trends like non-sale days at Bloomies.

Those of you who follow us might say,  “Hey, the twins are all about proportion and style, not trend-bashing”. But unless you share a model’s figure, many trends can skew your proportions so badly – the end result is a virtual weight gain to make even those who know and love you wonder where you’ve been hiding the Oreos.

Case in point, our client, who is an interior designer, wanted to “update her look” so she embraced six of the hottest trends this Fall. As you can see in the “Before” photo below, her outfit didn’t exactly sizzle. Her basic look wasn’t bad, and we understood what she was going for.  So we simply showed her the error of her trendy ways and how she could save herself a trip to the store (and the subsequent bill) and instead look like she spent a month at the spa.

The Fashion Code



 A cowl is not just a turtle neck style reject from the 80’s. It was originally associated with the large loose hood of a monk’s habit or a cloak worn by members of Benedictine orders. Now, while we’re sure that the monks were some happening dudes back in their day, they probably weren’t known for their fashion savvy. But interestingly, whether they were worn in the middle ages, the 1980’s, or in the new millenium, one thing remains the same – cowl necks have the almost magical ability to swallow the wearer’s neck and make their upper bodies look positively box-like. Great look for a chaste monk, but definitely not a sexy look for the modern day woman. Notice instead how the deeper cut neckline in the “After” photo turns our client’s body from a beer can (or a mug of ale-for the monks) into a shapely wine glass? A woman needs to have an uber-long neck and body as well as a chest as flat as a board (like the figure you’d find on say – a model) to pull off this over-sized medieval neckline gone wrong.


Chunky jewelry has the same neck-swallowing upper body box-making qualities of a cowl neck. Instead, wearing a beautiful pendant necklace in proportion to both you and your outfit, V’s in the upper body – creating the same flattering effect as a deep neckline.


 OVERSIZED ANYTHING = OVERSIZED YOU. Covering up in oversized garments is probably one of the biggest mistakes women make in an attempt to look thinner or more chic. The eye registers all that extra fabric as a lot of extra you – and not simply as an innocuous “boyfriend” or “box” jacket. The models who make these styles look great are extremely thin and actually need that extra fabric to look curvy and proportionate. (Hmmm, anyone noticing a pattern here?….)


 Last we checked looking like a hobo wasn’t a real stylish thing. What’s next? Hobo perfume inspired by the enticing smell of unwashed clothes and half empty whiskey bottles? Hobo bags give added girth thru the middle of the body– filling in whatever waistline you have. Then again, if you are extremely thin a hobo bag could be a great look to get grandma off your back to eat more.


As with oversized jackets, oversized pants = oversized legs. ALWAYS.


The name alone brings to mind one of Santa’s helper’s. Believe us when we say- they will make your legs look like you’ve got something in common with his elves when you team them up with skirts or capris.  Notice how their high vamp gobbles up any spare skin and gives our client cankles (a deadly fashion condition where calves and ankles merge …) Low vamp shoes, as shown in the “After” photo, are always the way to go when wearing capris, skirts or dresses as they draw the eye down the full length of the leg. This elongates the leg – and a long leg is always a thinner, more stylish leg.)

Remember, styles and trends aren’t created in a designer’s atelier anymore. They are created in the boardroom. And the guy standing at the head of that boardroom table has to sell more clothing this season than he did the season before or he’s destined for Wallstreet’s version of Fashion Hell.  That’s not bad news, its just a heads up for the smart new fashionista on the block – YOU.  So, the next time you are perusing the fashion magazines and they tell you about the next must have trend, be sure to use your new-found fashion savvy before heading to the store. Your reflection in the mirror – and your pocketbook will thank you.


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  1. FunFashion
    FunFashion says:

    Great Video! It explains the secret to The Fashion Code formula. The before and after photos say it all…this picture is worth a wide legged pants, an oversized jacket along with the huge hobo bad. Your tips are so valuable! Thanks to The Fashion Code for developing this fast, simple and money saving formula to help me find the sleek and stylish clothes that is right for my unique body proportions.

  2. Dakoda
    Dakoda says:

    Yikes! You are so right about these trends. Thanks for saving me $$. I would have bought some of these for sure before reading this.


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