Wow, we thought fashion shows were full of crazy looks that no one could wear, but  when Givenchy’s head designer Riccardo Tissi decided to not do a runway show this year – and instead present his collection in his Paris atelier, he proved that you don’t need a catwalk to create fashion chaos.

Amazing how a famous design house- known for decades as an icon of style can now put out collections that keep you guessing if they could really be serious….

Apparently they are serious.  Dead serious. The Givenchy couture house, in this case, worked with the theme” The Mexican Day of the Dead”  – and all its associated  macabre nick-nacks from skeletons to skulls to the head designer’s favourite symbol, the crucifix .

We kid you not….Here are a few photos of the design massacre. We weren’t sure which was more funny, the outfits themselves- or the comments by the style editor of a famous European magazine, Grazia  (viewed in bold below)…

“Haute Couture is best viewed in close-up. How else to appreciate the 1000 hours of embroidery in a single gown? A fashion show can’t do this….. surely the future way to show couture?”… If this is the wave of future  fashion shows we’re  sure to see a huge increase in straight male attendance.


“Within an exquisite four room apartment at the historic Hotel d’Evreux on Place Vendome he showed ten looks suspended from sleek steel beams and beautifully day-lit to highlight the thousands of hours of work. These are clothes for hard-bodied women with millions in the bank, major events to attend and the confidence to wear either pure white, pale blush or blinging gold.” Yeah, forget wearing black, it was way too slimming…. and what you’ll be needing will be  courageousness- not confidence  to wear these looks to your next big shindig.

“I loved the …lace appliqué delicately mapping out a human skeleton.” Yes, just what we all aspire to look like when choosing an evening dress, a human skeleton. And just because there’s a recession on is no reason to be skimpy on the lace….


“You don’t see sculptural rings resembling vertebrae made from solid silver and dipped in alabaster everyday. Of course it was all utterly magnificent to behold.” True, you don’t see rings shaped like vertebra in general – probably because porcelianized pieces of cadavers aren’t generally considered a good look.

Hail , hail the gangs all here. …

Really. Seriously.

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