Rebel Wilson Rocks LBD

Which LBD does Rebel Wilson rock?

The dress on the right is of course the most flattering. Why? Because any woman who is not model thin looks best in a V-neck; it creates a flattering hourglass figure, vs. a boxy, blocky shape (left photo).

Also, wearing clothing that is too tight (left photo) grabs areas you’re trying to hide and actually makes you look heavier, instead slim and sleek (right photo).

Finally, if your knees aren’t you best asset, bring dress lengths down to the mid knee- it still gives you a sexy look, while camouflaging a problem area.

Rebel shows us that women in Hollywood (and everywhere!)  can look sexy at any shape or size if they simply know the secrets of dressing slim.

xoxo  Ruth

It is that time of year again where armchair fashionistas everywhere put on their best tiaras and tune into the Superbowl of red carpet events…The Oscarʼs.  Among the “fashion fumbles” detected on the Red Carpet Sunday night, by international fashion stylist Ruth Levy, were Meryl Streepʼs unusual golden get-up, Viola Davis’ sqwoobs (squished boobs) and Emma Stone’s suicide strangling by satin bow.

The theme of this year’s Oscar fashions seemed to be ‘White Wedding’. In fact, eight out of the ten celebs below looked like they’d been plucked straight from a wedding chapel.  Whether they resembled the bride, bridesmaid or mother of the bride, some where white hot, while some were definitely not…

According to the twins, “It was no honeymoon for Rooney Mara with her ‘flying nun’ inspired bodice.  This dress gave wings to her breasts and apparently they flew away.  The neckline plunged so deeply, if she’d had more real estate on top this would have been an F.C.C. television fine waiting to happen.”



“Milla Jovovich, was radiant for her virgin voyage down the Academy Awards presenter’s aisle.  From head to toe she was a vision in white.”



“Meryl Streep looked like she was with the band in her voluminous, Liberace-inspired gold gown.  Apparently she wasn’t aware that it’s the Oscar statuette who should have a metallic finish – not the nominee.”



“Guiliana Rancic won’t be arrested by the Fashion Police for this great gown.  She did Joan Rivers proud.  The proportions of this dress are perfect.  From the flattering depth of the neckline to the flare of her skirt – which should always start above the knee, she exemplified true Hollywood style.”



“Shailene Woodley looks like a Mayflower mail-order bride.  Guess she had plenty of time on the boat ride over to add the finishing crochet touches to her frock.  All that’s missing for this Pilgrim is a pair of black boots with square gold buckles.”



“Octavia Spencer was the belle of the ball in her white beaded gown. We love Octavia because she proves what we always tell our clients – you don’t have to be model thin to dress beautifully, you just need to know what works for you and your proportions.”



“Kristin Wiig… always a bridesmaid, never a bride.  Her drab dress is the color of New York snow and resembles a used Swiffer.”  It looks like a Project Runway mishap.  In fact, if you listen hard, you can hear Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn screaming as they run from the room.”



“In a perfect world we would have loved some beautiful Harry Winston’s dangling from Gweneth Paltrow’s ears, but otherwise she looked elegant and statuesque in her Tom Ford creation.”



“Viola Davis should have won Best Supported Actress with this neckline. Looking at her dress we felt like we were having a staring contest with her ‘girlfriends’.   Remember, the first thing a well designed dress should showcases is you – and not just your cleavage. In any case, thank goodness for double-sided tape.”



“And of course no wedding is complete without a crazy cousin, played here by Kelly Osbourne with her pink hair and lips.  It’s sure to ruin the family photos.”

That’s all for this year’s Oscar Review!  If you’re planning a wedding, you now know what to wear and hopefully what to do with that crazy cousin (photoshop).

xoxo, Ruth

As seen on PRWeb…

It was standing room only at The 62nd Annual Emmy Awards, where international stylist Ruth Levy weighed in on the top 10 Emmy fashion contenders.  “The Hollywood starlets separated themselves into two fashion corners. On one side, chic and elegant, and in the other – those who needed more training before getting into the ring with Hollywood’s fashion heavyweights,” reported the Levy sisters.

“There were several impressive knockouts on the red carpet tonight.  Of course, it wouldn’t be television if they didn’t show a few below-the-belt style hits as well,” said the twins, who have appeared on TV’s Rachael Ray Show as well as NBC’s Cracking The Fashion Code, and provide fashion styling and consulting for a variety of clients in the U.S. and Europe.

“With the teams of fashion stylists and designers (not to mention the avalanche of gorgeous clothes and jewelry) literally thrown at these stars, everyone should be in top fashion form on the red carpet,” says Ruth. “However, how many times do we all ask ourselves during award ceremonies – WHAT was she thinking?!”

“But it wasn’t all left hooks.  Although some outfits, like Heidi Klum’s uber-mini dress would have made Rocky blush, others were definitely destined for The Emmy’s Fashion Hall of Fame.”

According to the Twins, the top five “Fashion Knockouts” of the night were:

1.  Maria Menounos was the reigning champion in her $35,000 beaded Ralph and Russo gown.  Her dress’s secret weapon?  15,000 hand-sewn crystals.  She brought old Hollywood glamour back with a vengeance thereby earning her the heavyweight fashion crown of the evening (Swarovski-studded, of course).

2. Julie Benz clinched the win, looking long and lean in Pamella Roland. She obviously worked on her cardio to sizzle in this form-fitting, elegant white number.

3.  Jane Lynch shed her beloved Adidas track suit and was in plum form in a gorgeous off the shoulder purple silk gown.

4.  Claire Danes came out on top in Armani Prive.  She was in her best form yet and the gold beading seduced us – Tinseltown style.  Her 2 million dollar ring had us seeing stars -and security working overtime.

5. Rose Byrne gave a polished delivery in her Greek-Goddess Gucci gown.  Although a little un-orthodox, we applaud her for stepping away from the basic prom-dress theme of the evening and daring to go for the gold – literally.

Ruth’s picks for the five worst “knock-downs” were:


1.  Christina Hendricks threw wild purple punches with this ensemble.  With her plunging neckline she was just one deep breath away from a wardrobe malfunction – and a bonding moment with Janet Jackson.  Who knew double-faced tape came in industrial strength?

2.  January Jones.  Looks like she sparred with a Smurf and a mermaid…and lost.  A fashion intervention was then called by the referee….

The towel was thrown in – which unfortunately landed on the next contender…

3…Lauren Graham, who had to then pull out with a dress injury.  Not sure if she felt the pain, but we sure did.

4.  Mindy Kaling looked like she was about to float away in this goth, Adam’s Family-inspired prom dress.  Made us want to call for a commercial break.

5.  Anna Paquin looked more like a bullfighter than a style prizefighter with her golden epaulette adorned shoulders.  The only thing that was missing was the bull.  Too bad, with her looks she could have been a contender…

Another year of Emmys. You win some. You lose some…and we all have a great time seeing, once again, which styles and stars made the cut. To the good the bad and the (dare we say) ugly- we applaud your courage, your sense of style, and your ability, as always, to knock us out.

The Fashion Code has been applauded for it’s dedication to eradicating fashion’s myths and helping women dress for their unique bodies – rather than being a slave to unrealistic fashion trends. They are known for their eye opening use of before and after fashion photos which expose how women are being misled by the fashion industry on how to dress for their bodies, rather than a model’s in a magazine. Instantly discover the ideal clothing proportions for your unique body.

Fashion Code Fall StyleThe L.A. Times reported that comfort dressing this Fall doesn’t just mean wearing sweatsuits anymore.

Their “Tactile Sensation”  article featured some possible options to replace your “Juicy Couture”. Among the suggestions was this Oscar de la Renta ”fuzzy-wuzzy shaggy white tunic”.

New sweatsuit?

Tactile sensation?

Looks more like the model got dressed in a dark closet. A mop closet to be exact….

The perfect finishing touches (not shown) were rumored to include wooden peg leg pants and a beautiful burgundy plastic bucket/purse which set off the jewelry perfectly. Of course, one could always get some housework done in these “alternative sweats”… and she definitely gets extra points for finding a great multi-tasking outfit.  -Not to mention easy care.  Here’s one haute couture outfit you can even throw in with your rags. In fact its recommended.

As you might have expected, there have been complaints that the necklace and $3000 crocodile belt don’t usually make it thru the spin cycle.  But its all in the name of fashion – and if the models on the runway are wearing “The Oscar Mop” shouldn’t we?

No. Some trends require a fashion intervention and this one is no exception. Time for a reality check in the world of high fashion – where this modern day Swiffer-version of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” needs to be tossed in the dust bin.

Just because something comes off a Paris runway and is touted by the fashion powers that be its important not to lose your head (or mop top as it may be). Save your money and your time– unless of course you’ve got a lot of housework to do…