In honor of wedding season we’re re-posting our popular “Skinny B@tch’s Quest for The Perfect Wedding Dress”.  Skinny B@tch may be a  figment of our imagination, but every single one of these dresses is REAL… believe it or not!  Most of them are straight off designer runways and cost a small fortune, but we can’t imagine who would wear them.  Can you?

xo, Ruth

Hi Everyone!  It’s me…your favorite model and roving fashion reporter… Skinny B@tch.  Can you believe it?!- My boyfriend Calvin, (who I took a snapshot of below) finally popped the question!!

Now its time to start looking for the dress…

So many of my model friends have found the perfect wedding gown to match their personality- I sure hope I can do the same. In fact I’ve put together a scrapbook of all their dresses to help me get some ideas of my own ….

-Here’s my best friend Beth who has an incurable sweet-tooth. We were really worried she would never find the right dress, but when she finally fired her dressmaker and hired the cake decorator everything just fell into place…

.. Of course she did make a huge mess coming down the aisle ….
but she sure had the groom eating out of her hand at the alter.


-Calvin’s cousin Shawn is all business, so she looked stunning in this gown….

It was a beautiful ceremony too – after the confusion died down as to who the groom was…..


-At Celine’s wedding, some people were worried that she had gotten a big head due to her modeling career,

but I think she really just needed a lot of support from those around her….

It was so cute too, watching the groom figure out how to get the ring on her finger.


-Tina got married in Antarctica. She was truly a vision in white…


As were her bridesmaids…

…I didn’t know the Abominable Snow Man had started designing wedding gowns, but we all thought he had a lot of promise….


I’ve been to weddings around the world….


From Asia…


…to Africa


to Scotland….


… and even to planet Remulak …

Yeah, can you believe it? Little Connie Conehead is all grown up and married!


Sure, I know that some people feel that super models live life in a fashion bubble…


But we’re really like any other gal who feels like she’s walking a tight rope when it comes to planning the perfect wedding…..

I mean, you’ve got to be strong, flexible, and ready to change your direction in a single moment……


Its enough to make any girl feel like a human slinky!

Planning a wedding is a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. Just think what we’d be wearing if we left it to our men…


…they’d probably switch the flower girls attire with the bride’s….


and confuse the cake with the veil…

Yes, this is definitely a job for the girls…

Anyways, I hope you liked my scrapbook. Now I am headed off to Europe for a photo shoot- and of course to scour the continent for more fabulous dresses and veils which I will share with you the moment I get back….

Wish me luck!


Skinny B.