Many of the stars were on their best behavior at the Academy Awards this year, wearing the outfits that their sensible mothers laid out for them. For the most part it was challenging to find stuff to pick on, but you know us…
Allison Janney kills it in this knockout gown.

We give her a 100 on the Tomato-Meter.

…as opposed to a Rotten Tomato.

Emily Blunt’s gown was a tribute to the flu season -in a dress sponsored by Kleenex. The drab, mucus inspired color palette gave us the chills.

Jennifer Garner also made our best dressed list…

…but Nicole Kidman’s pouffy gown left us feeling blue. On the plus side, those designer pouches will have the kangaroos down under green with envy. But…

…it ain’t easy being green.

Black was another popular color this year, as you can see from the next 3 outfits. By the way, if you’re wondering what that thing is on St. Vincent’s shoulder, it’s actually her date hiding from the Fashion Police.

Lindsey Vonn looked like a downhill dominatrix. Sorry Lindsey, no gold for this outfit.

Something is missing from Taraji’s outfit…oh yeah, fabric. All she needs now is a pole.

These two look like the morning after Prom- and that’s before the ceremony even started.

And for our grand finale… the worst-dressed… Selma Hayek looks like she got her gown from the Disney gift shop and snatched a chandelier for her accessories from the enchanted castle on her way out of the theme park. Hoping she’ll shop at the big girl’s store next year.

It’s been great walking the red carpet with you. We’ll see you next time. Until then fellow fashionistas . . . please dress responsibly.