"Dear Sara and Ruth, Thank you for keeping me in the loop. I watched your interview/presentation on the Rachel Ray Program a few days ago, and hoped all through the episode that it would last much longer. You were both compelling in your arguments, and highly engaging. At my website I used to have a link for recommended websites; I plan to revive the link, and list yours among the short list."

Bulent Atalay, PhD, Author / Scientist / Artist – Fredericksburg, VA

"Thanks to Sara and Ruth, I now have an "instruction manual" for what to wear for every occasion. Their “Fashion Code” is so effective, people are constantly asking me if I’ve lost weight or "had something done." It’s like having a brand-new body! Plus, I’m also saving time and money while shopping for clothes."


Rory Bennett, TV Director/Producer – Solana Beach, CA  





"Before Ruth and Sara came to my house in Texas over a year ago, I could not imagine what part an ancient code for beauty could play in their "re-fashioning" of me. Never did I dream we would go shopping in my closet and find about 25 new outfits. It was painful at times, when some of my favorite pieces got put in the "no" rack. But it was fun and amazing to see how outfits were transformed by hemming jackets, coats, blouses, and skirts to my personal fashion code.


The style book they made for me, containing my measurements, color chart, and pictures of all the combinations is my fashion Bible today. It is priceless, because when I will want something different to wear, I will go back find a combination I had forgotten about.


The fashion code works, and it is with confidence that I know exactly what works for me and what does not and where each hem should be."


Sandra Gilliland, Executive at Gilliland GroupAmarillo, Texas




"I have always considered myself quite fashion savvy, but after using your Code concept I realized what I have been missing for so many years. What a relief to know that there is truly an easy formula for understanding my closet!"


Maria Aeberli, Retiree – Zurich, Switzerland



“At first I have to admit I was really skeptical about the whole Code thing and I thought it might be hard to learn.   But I have to say I am amazed at how easy it is to use and how well it works.  It’s also really good when I go shopping because I don’t spend a lot of money filling my closet with clothes that aren’t right for me.  Best of all, The Code really helped me look more “pulled together” and skinnier, which I love!”


 Sabrina B., Meeting Planner – Sorrento Valley, California





I am amazed at what The Fashion Code did for me.  A simple formula has saved me time, money, and revitalized my wardrobe. With a new thought process, and a few alterations,  I look younger and skinnier! When I go shopping, I now know what to look for and I don’t waste my time on fads or clothing that is not flattering to me. It’s like have my own personal shopping consultant with me all the time. Thank you for making looking good so easy!


Tanuja R., Mother/Homemaker – Oak Brook, Illinois




"The Fashion Code has dramatically effected the way that I look at my wardrobe and how I feel about myself. I travel a lot and it is such a relief to know that the individual pieces match and work together. At a meeting after my first consultation, everyone noticed the difference from my "basic" dark jeans to how my look was pulled together. Just going to my closet and just having "less" is better!"


Mindy Paris, VP Sales and Marketing – To Go Brands



I used to have a hard time finding suits for work because I’m petite (under 5’4"). I learned that I have a long torso and short legs. The Fashion Code helped me to identify my most flattering proportions. Now I feel taller, slimmer, more professional, and more fashionable. Thank you Fashion Code!


Dr. Elise P. – Rancho Santa Fe, CA





Thanks so much for sharing the Fashion Code, i’ve been shopping all weekend. I bought the cashmere cardigan at Marshalls – its perfect, i love it! I also found good jeans and a great purse. Your advice is exactly what i have needed all these years …and my husband is loving my new look too! Thanks again!!!


Donelle H., Homemaker – Solana Beach, CA