Hi all, I’m finally  back from my two month trip to Europe where I worked with clients and visited  friends in Switzerland where I lived the last 15 years. On my arrival in Heidiland all of those years ago I first worked in a high-fashion clothing boutique to learn the languages of German and Swiss German. Then, when I felt pretty sure they wouldn’t kick me out of class for bad conjugation, pronunciation, or just laugh at my “interesting” accent, I went on to get my degree at Mode Design Schule Zurich (The Fashion Design School of Zurich) as a clothing designer. I then moved to Paris to work as a clothing designer in the trendy Marais district. However as I started understanding the true secrets behind dressing well -which the designers weren’t sharing with us, I decided to start a company called The Fashion Code to let everyone know the truth about how to dress beautifully everyday- without having to employ a full time stylist.

If you’ve been following The Fashion Code, you know how it uses the timeless secret of the Divine Proportion to make you look fabulous in all of  your clothes. Now, over the next few weeks we are going to reveal the seven style secrets which our European cousins seem to have mastered- but many Americans have never been privy to.

In short there are some basic principles of dressing which Europeans use to give them that stylish look that sometimes leaves their American cousins scratching their heads in fashion wonder.

So be sure to check out our blog every week this summer (starting next Wednesday) as I reveal the seven style secrets to dressing like a European….From the use of texture to the correct fit and the right accessories, find out how to achieve that extra “je ne sais quoi” with any outfit.



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