As Fashion Stylists our favorite “secret weapon” for smoothing out the belly area and managing the dreaded muffin top is the bodysuit.   What exactly is a bodysuit? As you can see in the photo below, it kind of looks like a bathing suit.  It’s a panty and a padded bra all in one -however, it’s got the wonderful added benefit of streamlining your middle area.  It’s also sold as a “body briefer” or “body shaper” and runs between $35-45. We recommend it to all our clients and wouldn’t leave the house without wearing one ourselves.  Our personal favorite is Flexees One Fabulous Body Shaper. A lot of body-shapers can make you feel like you’ve been stuffed into a sausage casing, but we especially like this one because it’s comfortable enough to wear everyday.


Another thing we LOVE about the bodysuit is that it works perfectly when you’re wearing your most flattering shirt length.  If you’ve been following Fashion Code you’ll know that the most flattering shirt length for ANY woman is at the hipbone (if you wear shirts above the hipbone you’ll look like you’ve been sliced in half, if you wear shirts below the hipbone you’ll draw a line across the widest part of your body – making you look 10 pounds heavier instantly.  So now when you wear your shirt at your hipbone, even if your top rides up a bit you’re always covered.

The only criticism we’ve received about this body slimmer is that it doesn’t have the superhero cinching strength that some of us might feel we need to hold our middle section in.  If you feel you need to pull out the big guns for extra support around your tummy area, there are various other body-shapers on the market that will do this (such as Flexees Take Inches Off 360 Body Briefer).  However, we still prefer the Flexees One Fabulous Body Shaper because even if it doesn’t totally hide all our midnight cookie runs, it’s both comfortable and slimming.  Unfortunately, we’ve found that bodysuits that tout stronger support usually mean that breathing will be optional for the day when wearing them.

There are two questions we always get about wearing a bodysuit that fall under the category “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Shapers but Were Afraid to Ask”.  The first is how the heck do you go to the bathroom when you wear this?  It’s pretty simple actually.  You can either unhook the fastener at the crotch area or, if you’re like us and are all about quick and easy solutions – you simply pull it to one side when you need to use the, ahem, facilities.

The other question we always get is what do you do to avoid panty lines when wearing a shaper?  Lipo In A Box has a thong bodysuit which solves this problem.  The only drawback is that it costs $80.  If that’s not in your budget we also have another option – We know this might be a bit TMI for some of you, but when panty lines are an issue we pull the back up on our Flexees and make it a g-string for the day.  We know it sounds like a giant wedgy, but it works and really isn’t uncomfortable.  Yes, we know… what we do for fashion (and to save a buck or two)!

Who knows, maybe you’ll love the bodysuit so much you’ll get one for your hubby?  We came across this male molding beauty on the net for a mere $177 (Yes. this is a real product!).  We’re not sure what the black bit covering his business is all about – as it seems to minimize his “assets” in addition to his tummy (perhaps he lives under a rock and doesn’t know that black is thinning?)

Of course most guys wouldn’t wear this if it was free and it came with a lifetime membership at Hooters.  But we’re looking forward to the day when guys have to go to the same lengths as the average woman just to smooth out a few rolls around their middle.  Until then, we can dream…

Do you have a favorite slimmer?  Let us know (because beer and brats season is just around the corner!)



Disclaimer:  If we got a dollar for every time we’ve recommended this shaper we’d be sitting on the beach in Cabo San Lucas sipping Mai Tai’s instead of writing this blog.  Alas, we are not savvy enough to have worked out a deal with the good people at Maidenform and do not make a cent from giving props to this product. We ‘re just happy to pass on a secret that makes getting dressed in the morning a little easier…

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