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Anyone noticed how expensive it is to buy a pair of boots this season?

And expensive is only the half of it! For instance ugly doesn’t begin to describe these designer boots which are selling in stores this month for a whopping $1000!

It’s every recessionista’s dream and so versatile – NOT!

Hmmm groceries this month or boots ……such a dilemma..

Lets consider…

$1000 could buy you:

-10 pairs of shoes at Nordstom’s Fall sale (which you might actually be able to wear in public) – Coffee for a year at Starbuck’s – A month’s supply of food for a small African village

Or you can have these stunners…… Decisions, decisions…

Of course, Halloween is just around the corner and we’ll all be needing something scary yet sporty to do our trick or treating in….

Morticia would surely say, “they’re to die for”. What do you think?

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  1. Hanna
    Hanna says:

    Dear Ruth,
    Thank you for that terrific Newsletter this month. I couldn’t stop laughing and you guys hit it head on. Your Fashion Code is just great and I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve been getting. WOW!!! My life has changed so much thanks to you guys and please keep up the great
    work you are doing for all of us average shaped women out there. Hanna


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